This project is when I was studying Advanced Interaction and my teammates wanted to make a hologram fighting arcade game called The Great Tale. The concept of the fighting game was to have the playable characters as the historical heroes of Vietnam.

We chose Hai Ba Trung as a starting character for our game. Since it was an illustration of a fighting game with a historical aspect, we strived to have the designs for their costumes as accurate as possible.

The first character was Trung Trac, the older sister who was known for her will power and the stories of how she wielded her mythical golden sword into the battles against the invaders.

The second character was Trung Nhi, the younger sister who was told by legends, to have inherited magical powers from higher beings. With an array of different mythical spells as her main attack, Trung Nhi’s ultimate spell allow her to summon the legendary 9 tusks elephant to join her in battle.

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