The concept of this project is about mythical creatures evolving into modern day women. What will they look like? Did their mythical traits evolve with them? What is it about human society that interests them? Or what is it about us that they show disdain? Let us begin the stories through the lenses of 3 beautiful women from different Mythical races.

A sculptor from the mighty Gorgon race.

A university student from the race of Mermaids of the deep sea.

A bartender of the noble Leana Sidhe.

And how they became best friends with each others despite all their differences.

She did it, Fissara did it, her application for teaching anatomy for sculpting class has been accepted, she would be a teacher next week, teaching other people the way her race look at sculptures and people alike. But now she is confused, what should she bring to class? Will people interest in her work? She has been praised as a renovating sculptor before, but she is not a big shot, not yet, but that means to others it would seem like an up and coming amateur is teaching classes that even experts in the industry don’t, was she too hasty? What would she wear to class? Should there be a tea break?… She then bit her lips so hard it would have bleed out, then quickly scan the calendar, two more weeks until she has to pay the rent again, and her tools are in dire need of repair or replacement, not to mention the food and commuting money too. If she does not sacrifice her weekend, she would have to choose between having to risk breaking her equipment, or cutting down the meager ration she’s currently following, and neither is a good option for her, so she have to do this, even if this means she could collapse from working non-stop, but many Gorgon back home have worked way harder than this, so she scoffs at it, and crept onto her bed, getting some rest for the following day.
“Fiuuuu, tell me you are free next weekend~” Prosetka said while locking fingers with the succubus behind the counter. “You do know that weekends are the busiest day in a week for us right?” Answer Fiu, looking at the counter behind her and try to pry her fingers out of her half sister’s grip. She then reaches for a bottle of Grenadine and continues: “I suppose another day off wouldn’t be too harsh on the manager, as long as I work overtime in the weekday, but why would My. Beloved. Sister. Would. Drag. Me. Off. When. Every. One. Here. Is. So. Busy? Also, Joy Rogers?” The mermaid nod, then grab a flier inside her bag, showing it to Fiu: “You know Fissara-sensei? The new sculptor that makes the awesome figures we saw the other day? It seems like she’s opening a class for a new sculptor next weekend, and you know how I love her work yeah? She’s like, amazing when creating those figurines, it was so vibrant, so … alive you know? And I think if I can learn from her, even a little bit would help me get the dress I want so much so please please please come with me to her class Fiu please~.” Fiu sigh, putting a bright red glass onto the counter, throwing a quick glance at the door, then proceed to answer “Prosetka, go to the usual place next to Benny, tell him you are drinking Manhattan, and stay put” Prosetka pout, but quickly comply to her sister’s orders, but just after she turns away from the counter, Fiu whisper softly “Show me the link tonight, don’t forget that.” The mermaid still continues her move toward the bouncer, but now with a wide grin on her face, and as she passes by the new customer that have just step in the bar, make a big hop to the side, not to be sure if that was to dodge the hand that was aiming at her behind, or it was from pure joy that she got her sister’s confirmation.
Under a protruding roof of the apartment where Fissara lives, roughly ten people gather, all waiting for the host to pick them up, but she was nowhere to be seen. “Not only she is late, but why is it raining in the middle of summer?” Cried Prosetka, cleaning up her boots now soaked and cold, while looking around for the teacher they were supposed to meet ten minutes ago. “Well I don’t know much about his Fissara, but why is a mermaid afraid of the rain? You are from the sea remember?” Snickered Fiu in her cozy t-shirt and denim, taking out a lipstick to quickly fix the smeared make up. “I am aquatic does not mean my clothes are, and it’s not like I’m the one that makes this appointment you know. Hmph!” At that moment, Fiu’s cellphone rings, and with a quick glance, she proceed to walk to the receptionist, show him the phone, and turn back to call everyone “Everyone, please follow me, Fissara just texted the group that she is on the apartment, but she can’t come down to us, so we’ll just have to go up and meet her.” The crowd quickly got into the elevator, mumbling, but still seems eager enough, but when the group got access to their teacher’s room, all they see is a shriveled woman under so many blankets

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